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Playing Poker at Poker Room

PokerRoom was launched way back in 1999.


Pokerroom currently offer the following ways to deposit :
  • NETeller (Minimum amount $10)
  • VISA (Minimum amount $20)
  • MasterCard (Minimum amount $20)
  • Switch (Minimum amount $40)
  • Delta (Minimum amount $40)
  • ePassporte (Minimum amount $10)
  • Moneybookers (Minimum amount $10)
The signing up bonus at Poker Room is 20% up to $100. They occasionally offer reload bonuses as well.


Poker Room Overall i believe the software at Poker Room to be good. Stats can be turned on so that your flop percentages and overall win rate can be seen at any time - the stats system links up well with poker trackers as well which is good.

One of my favourite things about it is the ability to place the chat box at the side of the table panel (VC also have this) - this is incredibly helpful. On some sites (eg party) the text is in such a small box and goes that quickly it defies the whole point of having it there in the first place in my opinion. The cards you are dealt are written in the text box as well which is helpful if you have forgot what you have been dealt (im guilty of this). It also makes reading players easier as you can go back and see how they played a certain hand.

They have also recently added a tagging facility. This means you can colour code players as fish, good players etc. You can also add notes about them which means you can build up useful info on the regular players.

Poker Room are also one of the few sites to offer mac compatible software. They even allow you to play by using a java pop up on the site.

Poker Room


The lowest limits at Poker Room are the $0.25/$0.50 tables. They go all the way up to $5/$10 tables. Higher limit players may be dissapointed if they usually play higher than 10 dollar tables. There are $500 single table tournaments though not to mention the high prize multi table tourneys so i don't think many people will struggle to find a table which suits them.

Site Traffic

You'll never have to worry about finding a table at Poker Room - the place is huge! I believe its only second to Party Poker.


Poker Room don't offer any tourneys you won't find anywhere else. Sit and go's are always busy as are the multi table tourneys. They also hold daily, weekly and monthly competitions eg the European and US daily competitions.


Poker Room have two freerolls a day (they occasionally have extra freerolls but not that often). They are held at 9am Eastern Time (2pm GMT) and 4pm Eastern Time (9pm GMT). Registration opens an hour and a half before the tournament begins.

If you plan on taking part ensure you register as soon as you can as they fill up rapidly and are always fill up the 2200 positions.

The total prize money is $1000 with the top 45 positions being paid. 1st place gets $100 whilst 45th gets $10. To claim cash winnings you have to earn a certain amount of player points, depending on the size of the prize though if you play there semi-regularly youll have more than enough to cover you.


Like most poker rooms, Poker Room have a point system based on playing in ring games. These points can be used to enter tournaments. They also pay out on royal flushes not to mention the depositing bonuses mentioned at the top of the page and the standard refer a friend bonuses.

Cashing Out

Poker Room offer :
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • NETeller
  • FirePay
  • FPS ePassporte
  • PrePaid ATM
  • Normal Check - Delivered with regular mail, free! Minimum amount $25.
  • Courier Check - Delivered with FedEx directly to your door. For cash-outs smaller than $1,000 there is a fee of $30.
  • Switch
  • Delta

Poker Room is one of the most respectable poker companies on the web. They deal with support requests very quickly and cashing out is very quick.

Not everyone loves Poker Room - ive read some people in forums saying that they dont like the software. Im not sure if its because Poker Room was the first place i started playing poker but i quite like the software - there are still some things i think its lacking but overall i think its one of the best.

Click here to sign up at Poker Room.

This article was written by Kevin Muldoon aka fonzerelli_79. This article may not be reproduced without my consent.

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