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Doyle Brunson once wrote that Poker is 10% science and 90% art. Very few people would argue with the big man but theres no doubt that if you dont know the science part then your gonna lose a lot of money.


In order you play hold em you need to know the probability of the card(s) coming out in the turn or river. I dont think theres any point reinventing the wheel so heres the perfect explanation from Lee Jones Low Limit Hold Em, a fantastic book for low limit players.

"Suppose you have a flopped a heart flush draw. That is, you have two hearts in your hand, and two more come on the flop. What are the odds of making your flush on the next card (the turn)? There are a total of13 hearts in the deck : you have seen four of them, leaving nine more. You have seen a total of five cards (your two plus three on the flop). That leaves 47 unseen cards, of which 9 are the hearts you want to see. There are 38 cards that do not make your flush and nine that do; the odds are 38:9 against. You are 38:9 (slightly worst than 4:1) underdog to make your flush on the turn.

Pot Odds

Basically pot odds is the ration of money in the pot to the amount that you have to call that hand. So if theres $100.00 already in the pot and you call for $10.00 then there is now $110.00 in the pot and the pot odds would be 11:1.

Implied Odds

Implied odds is making estimates about the pot odds assuming that something happens eg. you get the card you need on the turn or perhaps you want another player to call your raise to get the correct odds to play the hand.

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